Comics, My Early Exposure To My Kind Of Femdom

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had submissive tendencies for as long as I can remember.  While the earliest of these revolved around Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke I was recently reminded of another big “Ah ha” moment when I was growing up.

X-Men #170

The big trigger revolved around the main plot.  The leader off a band of subterrainian mutants, Callisto, kidnaps the X-man Angel  to take him as her mate.

I found two panels that really did it for me. )



The first is an image of Callisto having pierced Angel’s wings and bound him to a wall.  In the panel she declares..well a bunch of stuff but the key is:

“As for why Angel’s here — every princess must have her prince and as for me who more fitting ..than the most beautiful man in the world”

I read this long before I even knew what sex was but I must have looked at this a billion times and never wanted to be a superhero as much ad I did then.

But it gets better.

(Wait I should say right here that I know Angel eventually loses his wings due to this scene but it wasn’t that obvious at the time and..there’s no blood here or anything and besides I was a kid)


And gets better.


Pretty blatantly She looks at him, holding his face and says:

“Comfy my pretty-pretty? Looking forward to our wedding night? I certainly am.”

Again I’m a kid, I didn’t know exactly what happened on the wedding night but I knew SOMETHING happened and it involved nakedness.

Later Storm fights Callisto, kicks her ass and frees Angel.  So essentially two women are fighting over him and the kid version of me didn’t know it but this idea was going to define my kind of D/s.   A strong dominant woman desires me so much that she’s willing to take me for herself, slap me up on a wall and while it may hurt she doesn’t want me injured so much that I can’t fuck…I just cant’ fly.  Wait that came out all wrong but you get the idea.

No bit of femdom porn would define my sexuality as much as this and other slightly-similar scenes would.

Sade’s Quote Of The Night #4319

“I wonder where I can buy cheap rubber nipples in bulk”

The Perfect Kink Bed

For the past 6 years, Sade and I have had the same bed. It’s an Ikea wooden platform bed we’ve converted to meet our sex life.  Surrounding the bed are a series of brackets with steel rings for bondage points.

Home made bondage bed

Back of the bed, rings can be flipped down to hide them

It took less than an hour and it works surprisingly well.  My worry was that we’d get into a heavy scene and I’d be pulling on it so hard  that I’d rip the rings right off the bed.

ring and rope bondage points

Making a bondage bed on the cheap

Well after six years of use the bed is about to give out on us.  The creaking is getting louder and it’s not nearly as sturdy as it once was.

The last few days I’ve been looking for a replacement.   Something not too obvious so family doesn’t freak out when they visit, something raised off the floor enough to give us a good chunk of storage.

Metal Bound is the first place I looked.  If you haven’t seen it get ready to drool.   It’s the gold standard.  Almost everything on Metal Bound is on our “When we win the lottery” list.   Holy crap that work is amazing.

Stockroom was the next place I looked, really amazing stuff but doesn’t fit our needs.

I can see where this is going so I’m also debating taking a vanilla bed and kinkifying it.

I’d love to hear any reviews/suggestions for a good bed to kinkify or an pre-kinked affordable bed. So if you’ve got any, throw ’em my way either via email, tweet or right here in the comments.



Mollena Williams On Risk

Mollena Williams has been on the Masocast before.  Kevin Allison, has been on the podcat a couple of times and his podcast RISK is a must-listen.    He’s had Mollena on a few times as well and each time she knocks it out of the park.  This latest episode is even better,  where she talks about a relationship she had with a guy who’s new to kink and she finds herslef bottoming from the top.   It’s really a great episdoe, tune in here.

Found Femdom: The Ceremony

Sade just brought this to my attention, a video on demand at Vimeo (sorry, not in the US yet)

Full description below:

In an intimate, sensual film France’s most famous dominatrix, Catherine Robbe-Grillet, two close friends and two lovers share their innermost thoughts about love, friendship,dominance and submission.
The Ceremony, a film about love and friendship, depicts cross-border relationships where dominance and submission are central. We meet the fascinating and unusual writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet and those closest to her.
Intimate material reveals participants sharing views on art, norms, identity, ageing, loneliness, friendship and love. The spectator is invited into a fascinating, evocative and private world depicting staged, stylized sadomasochist ceremonies based on Catherine’s universe.
Catherine Robbe-Grillet, a sharp intellectual born in 1930, published her first book (L’image) in 1956. It was banned and publicly burned in Paris. After more than 50 years of exploring eroticism and the world of sadomasochism, Robbe-Grillet is today widely considered France’s most famous dominatrix.
“The Ceremony” takes us far beyond the prejudiced, simplistic and cliché-ridden perceptions of sadomasochism. S/M may be a central theme of the film, but not merely as an exotic phenomenon. The issues raised here take us far beyond sexual orientation. “The Ceremony” delves into what motivates our decisions, not only those concerning desire and sexuality, but our behavior in general. Sadomasochist practices and codes serve simply as a magnifying glass through which we examine the driving forces that make us who we are.